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Looking After your whitened Teeth


After you have received your LED Teeth Whitening treatment, you will need to follow a few steps for the next 24 hours. This includes a 24 hour ‘White Diet’.
Avoid intake of food and beverage products that can stain teeth for 4-6 hours after a whitening procedure reason being that the pellicle — a natural forming protective film on your tooth enamel — is broken down during whitening. Because your teeth are semi-permeable, the color molecules from food and beverages can seep into the enamel. It takes at least four hours for the pellicle to re-form on your tooth enamel.
Once you have received your treatment, we recommend refraining from smoking for 24 hours after your treatment.


Brushing Tips


If you have received an early or afternoon Teeth Whitening treatment, we recommend you should only brush your teeth with white toothpaste. DO NOT USE ANY COLOURED MOUTHWASH FOR 24 HOURS
If you have received late night LED Teeth Whitening treatment, do not brush your teeth that night. The following day, only use white toothpaste, and DO NOT USE ANY COLOURED MOUTHWASH FOR 24 HOURS
We advise using only a soft toothbrush, while on the White Diet.
Use After Care Products Routinely (Ask your technician about the different options available to you).
Touch-up treatments are recommended every 6 – 12 months. Ask your technician about NicheXpressWhite top up treatments, and schedule your next visit.


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