NICHE Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

NICHE Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

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A lovely smile is one of your most important social assets, according to studies conducted by the American Dental Association. While your smile may be attractive, do the colour of your teeth complement your smile? A bright, natural smile makes you look younger, more attractive and more dynamic. It also denotes good health, and gives you greater self-confidence.

For most people, teeth whitening is usually restricted to a procedure performed in a dental office, and surgical whitening is expensive and time-consuming. With our NICHE Professional Teeth Whitening Kit, comprising of a professional paint-on whitening pen, teeth whitening foam and teeth brightening powder, you can equal the outcome of more costly dental whitening procedures at home. While it takes a little longer, the effects are as good as at the dentist.

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Product Description

NICHE Professional Teeth Whitening Kit is the fast, convenient home treatment fits easily into your pre-bedtime routine.


NICHE Weekly Teeth-Brighten Powder

Brush teeth and rinse as usual before bedtime. Use once or twice a week after your regular toothpaste. Remove external staining leaving teeth feeling (and looking) shiny and bright.

Contains sodium bicarbonate & green tea to polish and freshen.


NICHE Daily Teeth-Whiten Foam.

Each time you brush apply a layer of foam after your regular tooth paste. Contains sodium perborate 0.16% which breaks down into oxygen and water, the oxygen lifts the staining from inside the enamel safely and effectively.

Step 3

NICHE Natural Smile Pen

Dry the surface of the teeth with a tissue and smile wide. Twist the NICHE natural smile pen applicator to release the gel onto the tip, and paint a thin layer of NICHE natural smile gel onto the front surface of each tooth in the visible (and invisible) area seen when you smile. Keep the mouth open in the smile for at least 30 seconds to allow the gel to dry. No need to rinse, just head on off to bed, and know your teeth are being brightened as you sleep.Once or twice a week, before bed and after you brush with your NICHE Powder or own, apply a coating of gel from the whitening pen.

Active whitening ingredient is sodium perborate 0.16% and sodium bicarbonate.

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  1. 4 out of 5


    Found the product very good especially the teeth whitening powder in improving the whiteness of my teeth.

  2. 4 out of 5


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